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If you've recently experienced loss of power to certain outlets in your home, there may be a simple solution to your problem that may save you the cost of a service call. Below are instructions for testing and resetting both outlets and breakers. 

GFCI Reset

Pictured on the left are two examples of GFCI devices which have both test and reset buttons. Not all GFCI devices are the same - some will have the colored buttons as others will not, and on some the test button will be on the top, where as on others it will be located on the bottom. Before you do anything make sure you know which button is which. By pressing the test button you will disconnect power to this outlet and all other outlets protected by this device. To restore power, press the reset button. If power is not restored to the outlet after you press the reset button, your next step would be to test and reset the breaker.

Above are three different GFCI breakers. Each one has a test button, some make and models have different color test buttons, most commonly they will be either red or yellow. To test your breaker, just push the reset button. The breaker handle will move to the middle, or tripped position. Before turning the breaker back on, you must first move the handle to the off position.